Oriflame Beauty

Welcome to Oriflame Beauty Cosmetic.

Become a successful Oriflame Consultant or Oriflame Manager.

If you would like to earn more money in your free time to help pay the bills or afford the little luxuries in life, or if you want to build a
thriving business based at home, then you can achieve whatever you want through Oriflame.

With our hugely successful track record within the Oriflame business, we are very well qualified to help support and
guide you to your own Oriflame success in this dynamic business.

Apply now to become a successful Oriflame Sales Consultant or Oriflame Manager or browse our website for more
information, if you have any questions please contact us.

 Oriflame Consultant benefit from -

*NO start-up fee.

*NO minimum order.

*NO set order dates.

*NO credit checks.

*NO set areas.

*NO storage of stock needed

*FREE catalogues.

*FREE website.

*FREE Products & Gifts- no limit!

*Work full time, part time, or in your "spare

time" working hours that suit you?

*Oriflame Email Address

*Earn 20% - 35% on own orders.

*Work from home around your work & family commitments.

*Must 18+ age requirement.

 All you have to do is simply show -
books to –

Friends and family.
Work colleagues.
Local business.
You can do door to door.
Do party plan
***It's up to YOU!!***